Sunday, January 2, 2011

Standardization in the paranormal community???

I already feel the tension brewing, the teeth grinding and smell the fear by those who really don’t understand what it means. In fact with the tens of thousands of ghost hunters out there these days there is an extremely small number of people who do. This is not the first time nor site this topic has reared its ugly head and each time it is met with the same reactions. People seem to think that standardizing the field of paranormal investigation means that they will be controlled and monitored and somehow stripped of their right to do as they please. There is nothing farther from the truth. Standardization is not for everyone and no one wants to force it on anyone. It is only for those who want it and be part of a group that can share and compare information by all being on the same page. Besides, people could do both. Be part of the standard and do their own thing separately.

Regardless of what people would like to believe, to date there is no official recognized field of Paranormal study except in the eyes of some in the “paranormal community” and I use that term loosely also. There are some European institutions and others that do studies but no official field. Oh, and no offense but institutions like some of those internet "College's” and people who throw out certifications for profit and other paper mills don’t make it an official field of study.

Right now we see thousands of people and groups labeling themselves as whatever they choose. Everyone, you and I included are lumped into that group that was coined “The Paranormal Community.” Regardless of peoples experience, interest, etc., the general public still sees us as all in the same boat. A bunch of unorganized people and groups trying to get noticed. Standardization, would for the first time, steer Paranormal Investigation and splinter fields, towards being recognized fields of study and make it much easier for those serious about what they are doing to have their information, ideas, methods and findings, scrutinized and recognized as legitimate work in the field.

The next point that so many have heartburn with is who would make up this entity that would set down the standards and protocols. Well, the general comment you will always see from people is, “There are no experts of the Paranormal.” A very safe statement to protect us all in our personal endeavors but not completely accurate. Maybe not many paranormal experts but there are experts in what all people and groups say they do. There are experts in photography, audio/visual, lighting, educators, psychology, investigating, the collection of evidence and I could go on and on. These type people would be needed to form that entity. People not necessarily even interested in the paranormal but experts in their respective fields to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Standardization is nothing more than organizing people and groups who want to be part of it and educating them in a standard way of collecting information so it all can be officially documented for all to use. Only if the field is seriously recognized by the main stream can it become a recognized field of study.

There are really more pros than cons for those serious about what they do. The real problem is getting people on board and getting someone to champion the cause. There is a lot more to it than this and I am sure it will take a long time to hash out. It also seems that not only those in the general paranormal community but even those who profess to be experts in the field do not want this to ever happen. I can only wonder why…

Now for those who have and will voice an opinion. Please remember the rules of testing arguments and the most important one. "You should attack the argument, not the arguer."

Monday, December 27, 2010

A point to ponder for the New Year?

Another year has passed with literally thousands of Paranormal groups and Ghost Hunters and yet NO definitive Proof of the Paranormal exists.

Yes, the field has become more popular but in doing so has opened things up for more trick photography, etc. and may have lessened the credibility of some of the serious people out there.

Now here is the point to ponder...

Since we still don't have any definitive proof. Are we doing something wrong????
Do we need to look further outside the box???

Everything I have read or heard, shows me that everyone is still following the same general rules set down decades ago. (inside the box) Seems to me that everyone may be following unproven methods for finding proof and is satisfied with with the meager findings or photos they get because they have followed methods set down by those who have written books or made TV shows.

I myself, for the new year am changing some of my methods and approaches
(again) to certain situations. Some will be subtle and some may be drastic and some may even sound down right silly. I am not abandoning the old methods and don't suggest anyone should completely but maybe just adjust how their methods are applied.

Now I may be totally wrong but I for one am just not 100% satisfied with any results so far. No matter how interesting they may seem.

My reasons are because once we have that one small undisputed shred of evidence, the method of how it was obtained becomes a proven method for capturing evidence. Then we will have the beginnings of a scientific path to follow. Then again I may be way out in left field but that's how I roll. LOL

How about you? Any new ideas?

“Why have this type gathering at all?”

I am sure there are a lot of questions and I hope people will come and ask them here or on Facebook.

The main question is probably; “Why have this type gathering at all?”

Good question and here is one answer. Every year there is convention after convention. People spend up to several hundred dollars to sit and watch people from some of the TV shows or who write books, talk and hope to maybe get to pay for a couple hours on what they call a Paranormal Investigation in a place that has been done hundreds of times. Then they walk around a big room wondering how to spend what few dollars they have left on whatever the vendors are selling at the convention.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is great for those who can afford it and get a charge out of getting a photo taken with someone who they saw on TV. Then there are those who are a little more serious about the paranormal and are looking for answers in their own ways. Maybe these people can’t or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to someone who probably doesn’t know any more about the paranormal than they do except how to get on TV.

This IS NOT one of those type events. This is intended to get people to come for a relaxing weekend without any pressure to go anywhere at any certain time or pay for anything except what they want to. Just a mini vacation or day trip for those who live close enough.

One reason why Gettysburg was chosen for the Gathering is the many things to do and see. There are movie theaters, eateries and shops galore. There are museums and all the battlefields for those interested in the history. Don’t forget all the paranormal hot spots. Sach’s Bridge, Devil’s Den and the Slaughter pit to mention a few. There is also the Gettysburg College Campus with the famous sighting of the Blue Boy or the admin building where the ladies saw the civil war operating room getting off the elevator. There is the lovers tower where the girl leaped to her death but the boy chickened out and she still walks the in the tower. Then there is the area formerly known as BLOOD Lake right outside the admin building. Then there are all the great Ghost Tours for the evenings, or go to the movies in a great theater with stadium seating. There are outlet stores close by along with the famous Cashtown Inn.

Now here is another reason why Gettysburg was chosen for a Paranormal Gathering. Over 50,000 people dead, dying, injured or missing in less than 3 days. Thousands of people interested in the paranormal come every year to visit. Now with hundreds of people in the paranormal field visiting, bringing their positive energy to the area all at the same time. Maybe just maybe the mass energy will fuel some interesting phenomena.

Remember, although I would hope some celebrities would show up for a casual unannounced visit and show they are not all about getting your almighty dollar, it is not about them. It is about YOU the individual and spreading unity in the Paranormal field. To come and have a good time with your friends or family and meeting others with the same interest in the Paranormal field.

So I hope you all will pass this along and help make this the largest and best gathering of people interested in the Paranormal.

The Gettysburg Paranormal Enthusiasts Gathering

The Gettysburg Paranormal Enthusiast Gathering is explained under the info tab at the top of our Facebook page ( ).
However, to put it in a nutshell. It is something along the lines of a Flash Mob, except it's for for a whole weekend and the unusual act is just wear something to identify yourself or group as being involved in the Paranormal Community. Here is what a Flash Mob for those who don't know.

This is a Not a convention but a free gathering for anyone that wants to go to Gettysburg to enjoy the history and what the town has to offer. The difference is we are hoping you will be doing it with others from the paranormal community. This is for the individual to enjoy a nice mini vacation or weekend with like minded people.
HOWEVER, although there is no formal gathering to attend or schedules to keep, doesn’t mean that the individual or group can’t plan something on their own. I know there are a many authors out there that might like to have a book signing. They are more than welcome to set up their own book signings with a local business. So too, a lot of groups have DVD’s, t-shirts, etc and might like to promote their groups.
This is planned as a free event but I don’t want to discourage those who would like to promote their teams, books, DVD’s, etc.
I would suggest that if you fall into this category, look into teaming up with a local business in Gettysburg to promote your items. The National Park is off limits but a local business might help you. It is a matter of you scratch my back I scratch yours. Since it’s a paranormal weekend you would help bring customers into their store and visa versa. There are several Ghost tours that might be able to help you find places also.
So if you or anyone you know has a book, etc, pass this on.
Hope to see you in August.

Free Gettysburg visitors guide to plan your activities while in Gettysburg for the paranormal gathering.

Also if you are unfamiliar with Gettysburg then get the Free Google Earth 5 and get a bird’s eye view. It is an easy way to see what anywhere really looks like and you can even plan your routes, etc. around town. Most Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators already use it but if you don’t have it then check out the free download.